2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles
2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles

2 for $40 Crystal Soy Candles

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**9 oz. Recycled Glass containers from Arkansas**

Each hand-poured candle is made with Soy wax, organic vegetable dyes, therapeutic essential oils, and intention. We add organic dried herbs and cleansed crystals on top of each candle that correspond with the benefits of the essential oils in every one of a kind blend and can sometimes vary on availability.  

-Choose 2 from the following selection of our Signature Scents:

Bliss (Seasonal): A very relaxing blend of Jasmine and Sage essential oils. The aromatherapy benefits of these oils together help with depression and easing stress. Can lift one's mood and help with feelings of PMS. Organic dried jasmine flowers on top. Crystals vary. Usually a palm stone size of Clear Quartz and Sodalite. 

Cleanse: Cleanse is an invigorating blend of  Sicilian Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Pink Grapefruit essential oils. This blend of oils smells very clean. The aromatherapy benefits include cleansing the air of impurities, makes you happy and can also help if you have a hangover!  Organic dried lemon peel on top. Crystals are usually a palm stone size piece of raw Citrine and Clear Quartz which can uplift your mood, help bring a dying plant back to life and overall promote positive energy. 

Detox: A cleansing blend of Peppermint, Patchouli and Tea Tree essential oils. This blend of oils provides relief from allergies, sinuses and colds. Helps with respiratory issues and asthma. Breaks down toxins, bacteria and pollutants in the air. Patchouli oil helps with relieving stress and anxiety. Organic dried peppermint leaf on top. Crystals vary but are usually a piece of Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye or Carnelian.  

Focus: A clear minded blend of Sweet Basil, Sicilian Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit essential oils. Aromatherapy benefits include helping to stimulate the mind and promotes focus on the task at hand. Helps with memory retention. Great for helping with school and work assignments. Organic dried sweet basil on top. Crystals vary but usually include a piece of Apatite. 

Serenity:  A calming blend of Eucalyptus and French Lavender essential oils. Aromatherapy benefits include helping with releasing bad habits and calming the spirit. Especially helps with getting through tough times and being able to move on. Eucalyptus oil helps with allergies, sinuses and colds. Organic dried lavender buds and eucalyptus leaves on top. Crystals include a piece of Amethyst and Tiger's Eye. 

Slumber: A deeply relaxing blend of French Lavender, Rose and Chamomile essentials oils. The aromatherapy benefits of these oils include aiding with falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling rested and refreshed. Eases tension in the body and mind. Brings a sense of peace and calm in ones home. Can help with providing better dreams due to a more calm mind and spirit. Organic dried rose buds and petals, lavender buds and chamomile flowers on top. Crystals usually include Amethyst and Rose Quartz.  

Prosper: A centering blend of Rosemary, Lemon, Lime and Ylang Ylang essential oils. This invigorating blend of oils is refreshing and stimulates memory retention. Helps you stay focused and alert. Relieves anxiety and depression. Helps one move towards there goals and make things happen! Organic hand picked dried or fresh rosemary on top. Crystals vary but sometimes include Carnelian and Citrine. 

Soothe: A blend of Vanilla and French Lavender essential oils that eases feelings of stress and anxiety. This blend of oils eases headaches, upset stomachs and can relieve feelings of shock or any nervous tensions. Organic dried lavender buds on top. Crystals usually include a palm stone size piece of Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

**See Individual Candles for more information on ingredients.



1. Remove Crystals before lighting candle. Use fingers or tweezers to remove, rub crystals in palms, soy wax is also an all natural moisturizer. Or wash with soap and water to remove any excess wax. 

2. Burn times vary with each candle depending on the container and size. For small and medium sizes allow them to burn for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours. For larger sizes they can burn from 3-6 hours. Pottery pieces hold better heat then tea cups. When burning a candle allow the wax to liquify on all edges of the container before extinguishing. 

3. Light the wood wicks as close to the base as possible, tilt candle on its side to light if necessary and tilt back and forth to fully allow wood wick to light. Relight if needed, think of it as a very small fire sometimes they need a little patience. 

4. Keep candles away from any flammable materials when lit. Do not leave under an air vent or near any breeze. Please watch small children and keep away from pets. Some oils can be harmful to animals, cats can be very sensitive compared to dogs. Always do your own research. 

5. Soy Candles can be put in the fridge in between burns when fully extinguished to allow soy wax to harden faster and cool container down to make them last longer. Excess wax can be used as an all natural moisturizer. 

6. Once candle is completely burned down to the bottom there are many different possibilities to re-use the container. Wash it with some and water and keep it. All of our ingredients are non toxic so most containers are food safe after being cleaned. Recycle any glass or metal containers or use to store things in them. We encourage people to bring us back there containers for a REFILL! Fully customize scent, color, dried herbs and crystals. Return empty containers for a credit towards another piece or future purchase. 

Please contact us at (910) 782-8381 or message us on Facebook and Instagram with any questions or concerns. We are local to Wilmington, North Carolina and have a downtown Studio location where we have hours by appointment.  

✧ 100% Plant Ingredients, 100% Vegan Friendly, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate, Cruelty free